School Day

Overview of the School Day (8:55am - 3:15pm)

7:30-8:45am Breakfast Club children begin to arrive

8.45-8:55am: Staff welcome EYFS and KS1 children into school at designated entrances

8.55am: Children in class for registration

10:30-11am: KS1 Staggered playtime and milk and fruit, supervised by teachers and teaching assistants

11.45am: Morning Nursery finishes.

11:30am-1.00pm: Staggered lunchtime- Children are supervised by SMSAs (Senior Midday Supervisory Assistants) and teaching assistants.

There are three lunchtime sittings:
-Reception & Nursery: 11:30am – 12pm
-Year 1: 12pm-12:30pm
-Year 2 12:30pm-1pm

12.15pm: Afternoon Nursery starts

2.30pm-3pm : Staggered assembly for KS1

3.15pm: End of the school day. Classes are seen out by their class teachers to parents/carers who wait on the school site. Club sessions start.

4:20pm: Afterschool clubs finish, pick up is either via the school office or the black gates.

6.15pm: Newts session finishes. Parents/Carers collect children from the library entrance.