Online Safety

Online Safety

At Hampton Wick Infant & Nursery School we promote safe and responsible use of the Internet throughout all our teaching. 

We deliver annual Online Safety sessions for parents.
(If you were unable to attend please follow the link below, where you will find useful information delivered during the session).

Here are a few websites which can help you to promote this as well.

We have below a downloadable PDF which helps set the Parental Restrictions on most devices used by pupils these days - if you have any trouble with these and would like help, our IT lead Miss Hayes is happy to help where possible.

Parental restrictions for all E-Devices

Should i trust everything i read on the web?

Different ways to communicate online

What are viruses and malware?

And, lastly, but just as important:

Parents and carers check list online safety awareness

IMPORTANT: For Parents and Children

If you are at all concerned about an online safety issue that you are unable to speak to your school about, please refer to the NCA (National Crime Agency) Approved website of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)

CEOP Online Site for advice and reporting of any issues