Vision and Values

Enjoyment, Engagement, Excellence

Every child


We believe that children who enjoy coming to school will be in the best frame of mind to learn. Our school seeks to provide enjoyable experiences everyday for children of all ages, through a rich curriculum. We are fortunate to have the wilderness (an area of beautiful woodland attached to our school) that gives us numerous opportunities to take our learning outside.


Children who are engaged in school are more likely to feel successful in their learning. As a school, our desire is to provide a safe, positive and creative environment where learning is stimulated for students and opportunities for high engagement are offered in every lesson, every day.


Our desire is to achieve excellence in everything for our children and all stakeholders associated with the school. From maintaining our building, to providing excellent resources and high quality experiences for our children, we strive to always do our best. This value is one we endeavour to pass on to the children so that they will be proud of their work and achievements too.

Our Vision

We believe that through enjoyable experiences and engagement, our children will achieve excellent outcomes. We are the start of a learning journey that will last a life time.

What we are about

We are here to serve the community by providing a welcoming, supportive and caring environment where children thrive academically and socially. We offer a creative and enhanced curriculum with high expectations for all.

This is what we do:

· Nurture and support all children and families by fostering positive partnerships in our community.

· Provide learning that meets the unique needs of every child, where their efforts, knowledge and skills are valued.

· Help children to develop respect by showing kind words and kind actions.

· Encourage children to take an active part in the community so that they have the skills to make a positive contribution to society in their later lives.

· Promote a healthy lifestyle which supports physical and mental health.

· Develop a deep love and understanding of the environment, starting with our own forest, known as the wilderness.

· Lead cohesive staff teams which are ambitious for school improvement, reflective, innovative and children centred.

Our Values

Community, Creativity, Respect, Kindness, Aspiration, Reflection, Awareness

British Values

Children will engage with the 'British Values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.