Gallery of events

Year 1 Trip to St. John the Baptist Church December 2022

The Year 1 children visited St John’s Church this week as part of their RE topic thinking about the characters in the nativity story. They were treated to some great acting from the St. John’s Church team who really brought the story to life in a child friendly way. The children saw the advent decorations in the church and counted three enormous Christmas trees, which made us all feel very festive.

STEM Week - Autumn 1 2022

Stem Week​

Here are some photos of the STEM focus week activities. There were many highlights; for me it was the children working collaboratively with a different year group to create rockets. It was amazing to see the Hampton Wick High 5 in action as the children listened to each other, carefully chose the materials they needed and worked with resilience. The results of the collaboration will be displayed in the office reception after half term.


Year 1 'The History of the Seaside' Workshop

The Year 1 children have had a really busy week, today they have taken part in a workshop led by Chertsey Museum on the history of the seaside. The workshop has brought history to life and allowed the children have had a chance to look at photos and handle artefacts. Experiences like these help children to know more and remember more! Many thanks for your financial support in bringing these workshops to the school.

Summer Fair 2022

At last, back together again! It was lovely to see so many families attending our amazing school fair last Saturday. We had the perfect weather to enjoy all the fun activities the Friends team had organised. The token system really gave children an opportunity to build confidence and independence whilst at the fair. I was delighted to be able to welcome many new families who will be starting in September and many members of our wider local community who have missed being part of the school community during the pandemic. The Friends are still counting and calculating the money raised and will make an announcement in the Flying Newt next week. Thank you to everyone for supporting this event.

'Platinum Jubilee Celebrations'

Friday the 27th May, was the first time since March 2020 that the entire school came together and what better occasion than in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee! During the day the children made sandwiches, cakes and crowns. Luckily the weather stayed fine for our royal parade and street party. It was wonderful to be together again after such a long time and to make memories. During the morning the Eco Warriors Team planted a special Jubilee Garden as a tribute to the long service of our Queen.


I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the children participating in our outdoor learning focus week as much as the children have enjoyed taking part! The focus was getting outside and planning opportunities within our new curriculum to use the wonderful environment around us. We have been blessed with good weather which has added to the enjoyment.

Reception children all took a trip to Bocketts Farm. The day went very well and this first-hand experience has brought the farm topic to life for the children. Everyone, including the adults had an amazing time meeting all the animals. The children's behaviour and enjoyment was amazing.

Reception Trip to Hampton Wick Station

Reception Trip to Hampton Wick Train Station

The Reception children went on a local visit to Hampton Wick Train station on Wednesday. Mrs Gregora told me ‘the children loved tapping their oyster cards on and off at the yellow card readers and watching the train go by’. We are passionate about children experiencing the world first hand. The station staff were really helpful and were pleased to meet our wonderful pupils.

KS1 Disco

The KS1 children danced the night away at the after school at the school disco. The children behaved beautifully and had lots of fun. Once again thank you to the ‘Friends’ and staff for organising and running this event.



What better way could we end this half term, by asking the question ‘who is my neighbour’?

Community is a strong part of our school vision and ethos and the pandemic has prevented the children from experiencing all the joys of being part of a large diverse thriving community. I hope this week has provided them with the rich experiences they deserve.

The children in each year group selected different ways in which they could show kindness within our community and have in their actions demonstrated our values.

The children in nursery helped to tidy the school grounds; Reception children served fruit and milk to their class friends; Year 1 made 'thank you' cards for their class SMSA and Year 2 wrote positive messages on bunches of daffodils and took them out into the local area, leaving them for people to find - we have had many lovely responses from the community.

Parties and Pantos and Christmas, oh my!

HWINS was full of festive cheer in the last couple of days of term. The children enjoyed class parties with dancing, party games, crafts and a party tea provided by the Friends of HWINS. Musical statues, musical bumps and sleeping lions were all firm favourites. On the last day of term the children enjoyed a traditional pantomime and quickly picked up the idea of calling "he's behind you" and "oh no it isn't".

Merry Christmas everybody!

Nursery Christmas Wilderness Event

On 15th December the Nursery children had a wonderful time entertaining their parents in the Wilderness. They sang a selection of Christmas songs (complete with actions) and then chose from a range of Christmassy activities with their parents. This included a special hot chocolate station, Christmas treasure hunt and craft table.

Reception Nativity

On Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th December, the children in Reception performed their Nativity. Hearing and seeing this special story told was a delight, full of traditional costumes, sparkly lights and singing. The children so enjoyed the opportunity to perform their show to their parents. The show is available to be viewed on Tapestry for Reception parents.

Christmas Lunch

On Friday 10th December, the whole school tucked into a wonderful Christmas lunch. This was prepared and cooked by our wonderful catering team, who were busy from 7.30am making sure everything was ready. The event was made more special by the wearing of Christmas jumpers, the pulling of crackers and listening to Christmas songs as we ate. Lots of children tried new foods including stuffing balls, cranberry sauce and sprouts.

One Reception child commented, "This is the best lunch ever!" before beginning a rousing version of Jingle Bells!

We won! Christmas card competition

We were thrilled to hear that not one but 4 of our school entries for the mayor's Christmas card competition had won a prize. Children from HWINS secured the joint overall winner place and three runners up places. The children were invited to a special ceremony hosted by the mayor to celebrate. What wonderful artists we have.

HWINS and SJB Christmas Fair

On Saturday 4th December, the friends of HWINS and SJB held their Christmas fair. It is wonderful to be able to re-launch these events, which are usually such a staple of our school community, after so long. Music, games and crafts were enjoyed by all, with a magical Wilderness event bringing excitement and festive cheer. A huge thanks to the friends of HWINS and SJB for their organisation and fundraising efforts.


On 2nd December, the Year 2 children were transported back in time, to take part in a drama based workshop learning about the key events of the Great Fire of London. The children came to school dressed for the part and looked like they had stepped straight of of the 17th century! Mr Warburton also dressed for the part, making a fabulous baker.


On 15th November we celebrated Odd Sock Day by coming to school wearing odd socks and thinking about the ways we are all different. This launched a week of focused learning on friendship where we considered what it means to be a good friend and how we can be friendly towards everybody. The children also began to develop their awareness of bullying.

Below is the information video made by Mrs Blogg and Miss Read for parents which covers what bullying is, what to do if you are concerned about your child and how to tackle a number of common friendship issues.

Information video for parents

Anti Bullying Presentation.mp4

Remembrance day

The school fell silent at 11am on Thursday 11th November as we remembered the many who have given their life in service to this country during times of conflict. The children wore the poppies that had been sold by the school council with pride and were able to explain the importance of the poppy appeal.

The Key Stage 1 children took part in a special webinar where they heard first-hand about the importance of remembrance.

Some representatives from Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School also lay a wreath at the Hampton Wick War memorial on Sunday 14th November.

Bonfire night and diwali

On 5th November the children in Nursery and Reception spent time with Claire from Brilliant Play Forest School building a fire, observing the changing seasons and learning how to stay safe at this time of year. The children in Nursery toasted and tasted marshmallows and the children in Reception popped popcorn and made charcoal for use in their art sessions later in the term.

Ks1 visit to london zoo

Year 1 and 2 spent a very chilly but enjoyable and successful day at London Zoo. This marked the start of a mini focus week project on endangered animals. Loving our environment and knowing how to take care of it is a strong feature of our Hampton Wick Vision.

year 1 visit to windsor castle

It was a magical moment when the Year 1 children saw the coach pull up to take them on their first ever school trip! The children learnt about the different features of a castle, using terminology like moat and arrow slit, and were able to observe just how strong a castle’s walls are. They took part in a workshop led by the castle staff, watched the changing of the guard and explored the whole castle.

focus week: resilience

During Resilience Week the children engaged in a number of activities designed to teach them the strategies necessary to build resilience. It was wonderful to see the children challenge themselves and encourage each other as they learnt new skills and tried different approaches to solve problems. Throughout the week, we heard encouraging phrases from the children such as: ‘you can do it!’ and ‘is there another way you can try?’

The Key Stage One children were visited by Dr Droop, who spoke to the children about how he has to be resilient to help people who are feeling unwell. He explained to the children that he found English hard at primary school but never gave up; he learned to ask for help and always reminded himself: "YOU CAN DO IT!"