Friends of HWINS (PTA)

Here is a welcome message from the Friends at HWINS:


We are the friends of HWINs (in some schools this is called the PTA). We are the parent/carer community that supports the school in raising funds for special projects and to make our school environment as inspiring and full of variety as possible. We do this through a range of events and activities through the year, which also form an important part of the school community's social network.

For more information on the work of the Friends of HWINS and for details on how to access and sign up for classlist which is an online forum that keeps parents and carers connected and informed about what is going on, please click on the link below.

If you have any further questions then please just ask or email us on:


The Friends of HWINS Team (FHWINS)

For further information click here.

Summer Fair 2022

At last, back together again! It was lovely to see so many families attending our amazing school fair last Saturday. We had the perfect weather to enjoy all the fun activities the Friends team had organised. The token system really gave children an opportunity to build confidence and independence whilst at the fair. I was delighted to be able to welcome many new families who will be starting in September and many members of our wider local community who have missed being part of the school community during the pandemic. The Friends are still counting and calculating the money raised and will make an announcement in the Flying Newt next week. Thank you to everyone for supporting this event.