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Welcome to East Lothian's Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Point.

Through this site you will find information and advice for your own mental health and signposting to organisations that can help support you and ways to help maintain positive wellbeing.

East Lothian Council believes Mental Health is everyone's business, and we have included information on supporting others with mental health - loved ones, pupils or peers.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the pages, or have a look below and click the headings to be directed to pages.

This week

is Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2021.

(1st - 7th March)

The focus this year is on binge eating.

It’s more common than most people think and can affect anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity or background. You might not think you know anyone affected by binge eating disorder, but you probably do. Binge eating disorder will affect one in fifty people in their lifetime.

Watch Beats' video below , about binge eating and their campaign this year 'YouMightKnowMe'

For information on who can help Support you with Eating Disorders CLICK HERE.

For more information on Eating Disorders and support visit our 12+ page.

Visit this page to get information, advice and signposting around your mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting others with their mental health can be difficult, visit this page for signs to look out for, advice and organisations that may be of help.

If you feel like you might be having difficulties with your mental health, it is always best to speak to someone you trust about it. However websites and apps can also be useful for more information around mental health, and monitoring mood and sleep for example.