eLearning Resources for Families

This website was created for our families as a resource for some of the different educational technology tools the teachers and students will be using in eLearning. It will be updated frequently as new questions arise, so check back often.

Main Apps/Websites Students Will Be Using

These apps here are meant to enhance your child's learning experience at home. They are tools that have been chosen careful that will enhance your child's educational experience by allowing them to practice, create, communicate, and collaborate. Please use these resources as you need them and contact your child's teacher if you are in need of Classroom Codes, login credentials, or Clever Badges.

Parents can contact their child's building to obtain PowerSchool (K-12) and Schoology (6-12) access codes. To sign up for SeeSaw, please contact your child's teacher.


Students will access the Clever Portal to log into their Ready Math & Reading Materials & Lessons (K-8).

Epic! Books

Used by Elementary Teachers to offer students digital books to read at home. Epic allows students to read at any time of the day!


Flipgrid is used by many teachers to facilitate discussions, check in on students, and allow students to share learning experiences.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is our most widely used Learning Management System in the Elementary Schools. Teachers may provide links to assignments, video conferencing opportunities, and other important resources for our learners to support their instructional needs.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool used within the district. Google Meet is in Self Service on all K-5 iPads and can be joined on 6-12 Chromebooks.

Students will authenticate using their @eastpennsd.org credentials.

One to One Plus

Help Desk

One to One Plus is our district's Help Desk. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please check out our trouble shooting tips here or enter a ticket. Watch our video tutorials for help too.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is used for asynchronous, student-led instruction through Google Slides. Students will work at their own pace as they go through the lesson.

Ready Classroom

Students will access their Math materials and lessons through Ready Math. Ready Math is accessed directly through Clever. Students can login using their @eastpennsd.org accounts or Clever badges.


Seesaw is a communication tool used by elementary principals and elementary teachers. Student assignments can be found in SeeSaw as well.


Schoology is the Learning Management System (LMS) that has become the EPSD Educational Hub for Grade 6 through Grade 12. Schoology is the go to place to find out anything and everything related to every class that your child is enrolled in.

Zoom EDU

Zoom EDU a video conferencing tool used within the district. Zoom is installed on all K-5 iPads and 6-12 Chromebooks.

Students will authenticate using their @eastpennsd.org credentials.