School Closure Information

School Closure/Delay/Early Dismissal Procedures

If school is to be called off for any reason, or if there is a delayed opening, parents/guardians will be notified using the Parent Square notification system. This system will send a message to parents/guardians at approximately 5:30 a.m. In addition, the following television stations will be contacted and also displayed on the district’s website:

● WMUR TV (Channel 9 Manchester)

● BCTV (Channels 16 and 22)

● District Website (

● District Facebook Page

If it is necessary to call a 2-hour delay in the start of school, buses will make their normal pickups 2 hours later than the usual time, and the Bedford Early Education Program (BEEP) and morning kindergarten classes will be canceled. The Before-School Program will be delayed 2 hours. The school day will end at the usual hour.

Infrequently, and only under the most unusual circumstances, schools may be dismissed early. Every attempt will be made to notify parents/guardians of the early closure by calling the above stations to announce the early dismissal time, and by the use of our emergency notification service.

Emergency Notification

Bedford School District uses Parent Square to send out notifications to the community. Please visit the BSD Technology site for specific instruction on how to access Parent Square.