Non-resident Tuition Application

We currently have high enrollment numbers at both the middle and high school and will not be accepting any tuition students into these two schools.  

The Bedford School District is currently taking applications for nonresident private tuition students on a space available basis for elementary and intermediate schools.   If you are interested in applying to those schools, please contact the Superintendent's office before completing application materials so we can determine whether there is space for the particular program of study in which you are interested. The 2023/2024 tuition rate for grades 1 through 12 is $16,500 per year and the rate for 2024/2025 will be $17,345. There is a non-refundable Application fee of $150.00. 

After all paperwork is received and reviewed, selected students will be called for an interview. Based on this interview and a careful review of the student's records, the school's principal or designee will determine if the student is likely to meet the district's academic and citizenship expectations to be a successful, contributing learner and member of the student body. The student's application will then be sent to the Superintendent of Schools for review and final decision.

Applications and Procedures can be downloaded by clicking the applicable LINK below.

Non-Resident Tuition Application