Special Education Contact Information

Melissa GrayDirector of Special Services(603) 472-3755
Lisa HorneAssistant Director of Special Services(603) 472-3755
Mary Beth PikeAdministrative Assistant for Special Services(603) 472-3755 x-21237

Memorial School (Grades K-4)

Special Education Facilitator:

Beth Purcell, Assistant Principal

(603) 627-1776, x-23201

Peter Woodbury School (Grades K-4)

Special Education Facilitator:

Marc Robitaille, Assistant Principal

(603) 622-0431, x-24210

Riddle Brook School (Grades K-4)

Special Education Facilitator:

Matt Munsey, Assistant Principal

(603) 471-1082, x-25206

McKelvie Intermediate School (Grades 5-6)

Special Education Facilitator:

Meghan Fredette

(603) 472-3951, x-22250

Ross A.Lurgio School (Grades 7-8)

Special Education Facilitator:

Deb Carson

(603) 310-9100, x-34106

Bedford High School (Grades 9-12)

Special Education Coordinator:

Kim Noyes

(603) 310-9011

Out of District Coordinator

Lindsay Phillips

(603) 472-3951x x-22395

Preschool Coordinator

Katie Ryan

(603) 627-1776, x-23218