Hindi and Marathi classes

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for yoga and exercise classes.


for chair yoga classes.


for Bollywood dance classes.


for healthy vegetarian cooking classes.

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Balodyan's mission is to promote usage of Indian languages by facilitating instruction in Indian languages.

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Balodyan, founded by Vidya Nahar in 1998 in Buffalo Grove, IL, offers classes for learning spoken and written Hindi and Marathi in playful ways. Hindi is India's national language

and Marathi is a prominent regional language. Hindi and Marathi belong to the family of Sanskrit-based languages.

Vidya is a STARTALK trained instructor. Balodyan was a recipient of the STARTALK grant for a Summer Hindi camp in 2011.

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Call or Write for more info. Classes meet at 1165, Alden Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL. 60089 847-537-4710 vidya@balodyan.com