Course Guide 2022-2023

All students graduating from AHS must pass each requirement established by the State Legislature, the State Board of Education, and the Arlington School District Board of Directors. The usual rate is 0.5 credits per semester for each class passed, or 24 total over the four years.

Courses are classified as REQUIRED (Foundational) or ELECTIVE. Required courses are listed in the 17 core foundational credits. Elective classes are chosen based on each student’s Personalized Pathway (PPR).


  • A minimum of 5.0 credits must be earned in the Senior year at AHS to be eligible for academic honors.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all graduation requirements are met.

  • Students planning to attend a university should check with the university for a complete list of admissions criteria.

  • Students planning to participate in college athletics must meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.

  • Special Education Services: The IEP team determines the courses that are appropriate for the student to meet the needs/goals identified in his/her IEP. All courses are accessible for special education students. Each student and his/her parent are members of the student's IEP team, which may also include a special education teacher/case manager, a transition coordinator, general education teachers, a counselor, and an administrator.