G.G.Green & Palmer Cox

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G.G. Green of Woodbury NJ published advertising booklets featuring the art of Palmer Cox. It turned out that Cox's art was more influential than Green's potions (off the market by 1916).

The Village Green Preservation Society authored a post (left below) on George Gill Green, Palmer Cox and the Greenies. Great read! It features some Cox panels not reproduced below. From this site:

"The Brownies were the first cartoon figures to be used in mass merchandising, later influencing Beatrix Potter and Walt Disney, among others."

For your enjoyment, here are selections from the panels drawn for Green's "August Flower and German Syrup Almanac 1890," now part of the Arnold Collection:

Green owned the glassworks that made the distinctive bottles for his drugs.

More information is on page 173 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection


Created by glass blowers (left) the bottle "greenies" were filled with product at the drug factory next door.

Apparently the poet was G.G. Green.

As we continue to explore the August Flower and German Syrup Almanac for 1890, we note the recurrence of several Cox characters.

Notable here are the Native American, the Doctor, the Nurse, Snowshoe boy and Top Hat man.

Donkey is out of this enlargement, as Donkey is stubborn and bringing up the rear.

Poor donkey!

Reins held at the front, tail held firmly, Donkey has nowhere to go as two kids stand on Donkey's back while yet another attempts to mount.

Although "no animals were harmed" in the making of this booklet, it's likely one was annoyed!

Familiar faces!

Can you spot more in the picture above or in the one below?

Looking at the next boat over, Donkey wonders why the Greenies brought so much sports equipment. Croquet, anyone?

Be Prepared, they say!


For once Donkey gets to ride!

...but Donkey is back on the trail soon enough...

See anyone familiar here?

C'mon, Donkey, don't get left behind!