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Courtesy of Google, the Hathi Trust and the University of Michigan, this image has been identified as the back cover of the 1885 Shaker Almanac (click link to see viewing options), published by the drug manufacturer A. J. White of 54 Warren St., NYC.

The reverse of the cover above.

Digital Commonwealth displays a number of examples of trade cards used to publicize Shaker Extract of Roots, also known as Seigel's Syrup.

THEN & NOW ... Compare this 21st century testimonial to the claims made for 19th century products. See any similarities? The comment on the left below was removed by Google as SPAM:

"!........ Am Flora from usa i and my husband got cured of our Hiv by this great man Dr A------ So I testify To the general public, that Dr A----- is a herbal doctor from west end of Africa specialized in curing diseases of any kind with roots and herbs inherited from his fore--fathers,,who has cured people from both home and Abroad...... He can cure sicknesses like .. Hiv ,Aids ,Tuberculosis ,Cancer ,Tumor of any kind ,high blood pressure ,infection of any kind ,low sperm count , poor ejaculation ,ulcer ,arthritis ,diarrhea ,mental illness ,myopia ,mixed connective tissue disorder ,heart and lungs disease ,stroke ,disc degeneration ,myogemic stiffness .......e.t.c..he also help in marriage issues like bringing back your ex boyfriend or husband ....he helps in winning court cases as well.... Contact him today for the solution to your sickness ...... Email ::: a--------Whatsapp/call :: +234-----"

posted in May, 2017

The reverse of this card appears below.

Another interesting testimonial for Seigel's is discussed at

After taking these tonic pills, there was nothing much left to complain about!

No more Asthma!

Classic cure-all message! Original above, reprinted to your right>>

The front of this card is in the "Emma Jane's Favorite Victorian Fashions" Collection, https://goo.gl/CQXPJu

WHAT Warner's "SAFE CURE" Cures & WHY

Because Warner's Safe Cure is the only remedy that can effectually expel bile(?) Uric Acid waste, of which there are some 500 grains secreted each day, sufficient, if retained in the blood, to kill six men(?) cures these diseases caused by uric acid in the blood;

Congestion ofthe Kidneys, Back-ache, Inflammation of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organs, Catarrh of the Bladder, Gravel, Stone, Dropsy, Enlarged Prosate Gland, (?) or General Debility, Bright's Disease This uric acid also causes Heart Disease, Rheumatism, Apoplexy, Paralyis, Insanity and Death. Warner's Safe Cure relieves the kidneys of surplus blood, and restores their natural action.

It Cures also Jaundice, Enlargemnt of the Liver, Abscess and Catarrh of the Bile Ducts, Billousness, Headache, Furred Tongue, Sleeplesness, Languer, Debility, Constipation, Gall Stones and every symptom of Liver complaint.

WHY? Because it has a specific and positive action on the Liver as well as on the Kidneys, increasing the secretion and flow of bile, removing unhealthy deposits and restoring action.

It Likewise Cures the many distressing disorders from which gentle natures suffer, which begin in congestion of the Kidneys and other abdominal organs, and end in a multitude of complaints, insanity and death.

WHY? Warner's Safe Cure is acknowledged by medical men to be the only True Blood Purifier is because it strikes at the very root of the disorder by its action on the kidneys and liver. For, if these organs are in health, all the poisonous waste matter is passed out safely.

WHY? 93 per cent of all diseases which afflict humanity arise from impaired kidneys, is apparent. Warner's Safe Cure, by its direct action(?), positiely restores them to health and full working capacity, nature curing all the secondary diseases herself, when the prime(?) cause is removed.

As a blood purifier, particularly, it is unequalled, for you cannot have pure blood when the kidneys or liver are out of order.

Look to your condition at once. Do not postpone treatment for a day nor an hour. The doctors cannot compare records with us.

We guarantee that every case of direct or indirect Liver and Kidney trouble, as above descried, can be cured if consumption of the organs has not taken place, and even then benefit will surely be derived. In every instance it has established its claim. It(?) is a positive preventive.