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girl in pink dress and blue hat with orange trim holding 3 kittens in a small bucket

Lion Coffee presents the next generation of "lions!"

"Jury of Peers" deliberates or maybe in this instance, just gossips.

Marshall's Linen Thread of Shrewsbury, UK gives no clue what's going on here.

Cooperation, perhaps, at last!

Leapfrogging a bottle of bluing required a much larger than normal-sized bottle!

"Bluing" (correct spelling on front of card above) is a temporary cloth dyeing compound added to yellowed or grayed laundry to make it appear white. The process is explained in Wikipedia.

Almost ready to come to the grownups table, this youngster demonstrates tidy dining behavior...

...for the time being

Once at the table, we developed an acute sense of selective hearing. Our wits sharpened and we heard what we wanted to hear....

A remembrance

from Paulina ...

... to Anna

to you!