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Woman in blue dress talking, man with cigar listening, Daniel Illig, Merchant Tailor, 1624 Peach St., Erie PA trade card
Brown-haired man smoking cigar and leaning on cane wearing green suit, yellow pants, white shirt and red tie

Liza here considers just what the Deacon means by "feeling like another man."

In any case, he is a man in a very stylish housecoat!

Setting off for a voyage with a clean outfit, we hope the clothing will withstand the journey. If it was a leather jacket, our mariner was well prepared, at least for a sunny, cool day.

Card distributed by the Woolson Spice Co., Toledo OH, maker of Lion Coffee.

Displaying great colors for any age, this vibrant outfit steals the show on this late 1800s trade card!

G.G. Caldwell of Centreville, MI used it as a promotion for his "Druggist and Stationer" business.

Elegant clothing for a person of importance. The back of this card and what may once have been the storefront appear below.