Woolson Spice decorated its cards on both sides. The company logo here is executed with careful attention to detail.

Battered by age, this card's fancy border still stands out from the crowd.

Woolson Spice Company's Lion Coffee distributed the most colorful and elaborate Victorian trade cards I have seen.

The calligraphy on the back of the card above is particularly lavish.

With its basic formula of limestone, feldspar and baking soda, Bon Ami is still on the market. This trade card is unusual for that and for the fact that the original artist is credited on the card itself.

Bon Ami history is best described by the current manufacturer, Faultless Starch (Kansas City MO). and by Philip R. Devlin in the Manchester Patch (2011).

A brief biography of artist Ben Austrian was published by Sue Bowman in Lancaster Farming (2013).