Seascapes & Harbors

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Above, Roderigo Sanchez verifies Columbus' observations on 3 August 1492. An anonymous artist from Donaldson Brothers, NY lithographic printers, recreates the moment for Gold Band Roasted Coffee.

Below, the Cleveland Clothing Company celebrated its 11 April 1883 grand opening by handing out one of the largest trade cards in the Galleries.

There is almost never a "grand closing" celebration. These steps to nowhere led to a building or walkway near 120 Ontario Street, Cleveland OH. It may be one of the few remaining tidbits of the era of Cleveland Clothing's grand beginnings.

Leaving Harbor

Woolson Spice Co.'s Lion Coffee featured this "seascape within a landscape" card in 1891:

A cold harbor with some colorful accents, courtesy Lion Coffee from Woolson Spice Co., Toledo OH

Apparently, Ohio was a center of coffee processing in Victorian times.