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The home band entertains!

There is a bit of an art to playing a comb. But not much.

With any luck, the dog drowned it out.

Below are a couple of 21st century attempts to recapture the flavor of comb concerts.

"Breaking News"

Physicians approve of an occasional bath!

Children, however, may have other opinions on that subject.

"May I take care of those crumbs for you?"

Nothing as entertaining as a family on ice!

Lion Coffee: Woolson Spice Co. , Toledo OH

...A fun way to lose one's hat while exercising the dog and your local turkeys!

Roller skating was a popular sport in the late 1800s. These were probably sets of wheels strapped on ordinary street shoes.

"Buy the Highland Kid Button >for sale by< Parce & Brown" urges the back of this card. It's not clear how well these buttons would withstand a snowball fight....

family exercise...

Paper toys provided hours of entertainment in the 1800s.

Sweet winter dreams from Woolson Spice Co.'s Lion Coffee....

The improvised seesaw....

The Critic

Feeding the family...

and the insects.

Unpleasant memory


a teachable moment?

Remember this?

Joy was...

and hopefully still is...

just around the corner.

Exercises in concentration