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Sometimes imaginative framing enhanced the presentation of Victorian landscapes on advertising trade cards.

Flowers, particularly roses, were often used.

This is a frame of unusual interest, as it uses garden landscaping as an entrance to a portal and not as the frame itself.

For more examples, navigate to seasonal or gardens or browse The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885.

Framing with flowers could be spectacular... in this case framing with flowers and spider webs.

This is another example of the excellent quality of cards distributed by Lion Coffee (Woolson Spice Co., Toledo OH)

Framing within framing inside of still more framing!

Somehow this worked with the strong focal point.

The flower-like pattern of the outer frame is very Victorian.

Echoing corner damage common to advertising trade cards in popular circulation, the artist here explores the potential of picture within picture.

The small figure of child, hoop and dog provided some "joy of discovery," too, in an era when the hidden images of "puzzle cards" were greeted with enthusiasm.

This card was issued to promote the New Home Sewing Machine Company of Orange MA.

Below, page 80 of the Earl J. Advertising Card Collection displays a puzzle card. Pictures of the New Home Sewing Machine Company manufacturing plant in Orange MA, then and now, are shown on page 184. Explore the Consolidated Index to the Arnold Collection for additional trade cards of interest.