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 lady in brown bonnet, petticoat, blue striped dress with pink
Lehr Pianos, Easton PA trade card featuring lady in blue and pink

"The Piano Teacher"

Could this woman have been a piano teacher? Horace Lehr manufactured pianos in Easton PA from 1890 to 1929, when the Great Depression in America put the company out of business.

back of Lehr Piano card listing J. Saltzer, General Agent, Bloomsburg PA
Young lady in standard blue dress with pink ribbon and yellow and red striped leggings wearing wide-brim hat
Lady talking, man with cigar listening; Daniel Illig, Merchant Tailor, 1624 Peach St., Erie PA Merchant Tailor trade card

From a New Home Sewing Machine card featured on page 122 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection (see below)

This outfit would have been an outstanding addition to Emma Jane Arnold's wardrobe.

Most Victorian dresses were made by hand on that marvelous new household appliance, the sewing machine.

A lady in a gray coat with red trim presents a girl in a blue dress with a doll in the gray lady's likeness while a lady in a brown outfit looks on and a boy tricycles away

Demorest's patterns for women's and children's clothes were very popular with families that owned sewing machines in the Victorian era [above]. Annual catalogs were distributed by the company and Demorest's Family Magazine, a monthly publication, was sure to include a pattern.

Some women braved the male-dominated local business climate to open "Fancy Goods" shops, often [right], bearing the name of the owner.

Reverse of Demorest card above indicates card was distributed by Mrs. Kate Nafie, Fancy Goods stores somewhere in New Jersey, offering "Dress and Cloak Making in all its Branches."
Woman wearing full-length reddish pink gown with white lace border fastened with four golden bows lifting child on shoulders

Ayer's Sarsaparilla was advertised as a "cure of the disorders, lassitude and debility peculiar to the Spring."

To be treasured for a lifetime, however, is a Spring day with your child in your arms!

Of course, a spectacular dress like this one lifts the spirits, too....

Fresh from the garden!

Woolson Spice Company distributed this card as a reward for buying Lion Coffee.