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Victorian Hat Gallery
Pink Easter bonnet with feathery frills from Lion Coffee trade card 1891

Ready for the Easter Parade, 1891

Made for Woolson Spice Company's Lion Coffee of Toledo OH

Geo. H. Harris Sons, Lithographer

Philadelphia PA

headshot of brown-haired lady wearing wide-brimmed yellow hat with red ribbon
Lady with wide-brimmed hat talking to man smoking cigar; Daniel Illig, Merchant Tailor, 1624 Peach St., Erie PA trade card

Trade card above copyright 1881 Calvert Lithography, Detroit MI (now in public domain)

Lady with orangy brown hat, red brim with white lace advertising New Process Starch trade card
back of New Process Starch trade card, Firmenich Mfg., Peoria IL and Marshall IA
Smirking lady wearing orange bonnet with red underside and white lace at forehead with red neck bow
Girl with brown hair, green cabbage-like hat, small gold loop earings, white shawl
Wright & Taylor Drugs, Toilet Articles and Groceries, Spencer IA trade card back with letter from Germany testimonial
Full front of Wright & Taylor Drugs, etc. card featuring girl with green hat, yellow & pink roses

A remarkable number of Victorian hat designs mimicked nature.

Some might call this the cabbage look.

My advice?

Just compliment the wearer and move on....

especially if they were a relative.

White daisy hat on lady wearing reddish pink dress
Red rose hat worn by lady in white dress
Matching purple pansy hats worn by girl in orange holding doll in green
Reddish orange nasturtium hat worn by young lady in yellowish brown dress with green collar

A quartet of actual flowers for hats, Maison Demorest, Paris

child standing in pointy white cap with blue stripe pointing at dog standing on hind legs holding drum major baton and sporting a crown-like cap with a gold band and stars

Kids, as usual, have their own take on hat design!

This Lautz card may appear of French origin due to the "Marseilles" reference, but it is not.

For more information and imaginative Lautz cards click page 16 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection -1885 to your right.


golden straw hat dressed with red, gold and pink impatiens and a large blue feather adorn a blond young lady wearing a red dress with lace collar

The Grand Opening Hat!

For the opening of the Demorest Emporium of Fashions, nothing but the grandest hat would do!

black and white drawing of five ladies with fancy hats
back of card commemorating the grand opening of Demorest's Emporium of Fashions

Burdock Blood Bitters issued many trade cards featuring the latest in ladies' fashionable millinery.

This is one of a few examples found on page 36 of The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885.

You can explore the Arnold Collection for yourself at your leisure by going to its index at arnoldtradecards.com

As happens every once in awhile with Victorian trade cards, this advertising card for ladies shoe dressing shows no ladies and no shoes, much less any of the product itself!

(For that matter, no feet are seen, either!)

The moment, however, is something all of us country folk have experienced--the adventure of going out into the fields to gather flowers.

These summer hats are well designed to keep the sun at bay.

Woolson Spice Co. of Toledo OH returns with a nautical theme for summer wear.

For that morning pick-me-up, their Lion brand coffee is served.

Color and style galore!

(from Woolson Spice Co.)

A child with simple hat and toys adorns this Christmas greeting from Woolson Spice Co., maker of Lion Coffee.

For the summer excursion...

Consolidated Coffee here offers some competition for the elegant cards issued by Lion Coffee's Woolson Spice Co.

If you had been there in person, you might not have noticed the hats!

Coordination of hat and hair color from page 190 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885 [ https://goo.gl/KezRCr ]