Flowers & Gardens

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Grandma's Coffee arrangement of red white and yellow roses
Grandma's Coffee trade mark featuring grandma holding cup of coffee with a pleased look on her face
storefront of Gray, Kingman & Collins, maker of Grandma's Coffee, Chicago

"Grandma's" maker: Gray, Kingman & Collins, 16-20 E. Randolph St., Chicago (~1890)

Storefront isolation from photo taken by John W. Taylor; Ryerson Library

building architect: Louis Sullivan....building demolished 1939

Yellow and Pink roses isolated from Wright & Taylor, Spencer IA trade card
Mikado Cologne, Fleming Bros., Pittsburgh PA trade card distributed by Wright & Taylor, Spencer IA featuring lady in green hat, yellow & pink roses
Back of Mikado Cologne trade card featuring letter from Germany testimonial

Few Victorian trade cards feature insects such as these two ladybugs munching away on aphids, perhaps, while a bird of unknown identity hovers nearby (maybe giving some thought to munching on ladybugs).

The pronounced blues of the bachelor button flower both focus and illuminate this design.

Now the site of a large skyscraper, Wm. Faber & Sons location on Chestnut St. was just a few hundred feet from Philadelphia's Independence Hall.

<<Favorite flower from the 19th century, meet a song salute to your beauty from the 21st century. >>

Cool season beauties, Pansies grace this advertising card.

The "fine print" to your right is typical of "testimonials" that were frequently used to endorse Victorian era drugs.

Note the horseshoe on your right is positioned superstitiously upward to "hold the luck in it."

Woolson Spice Co. brings us this captivating arrangement.

Bowls of Lilies and "mystery flowers" were the reward cards given out to customers of C.E. Sabin in Centreville, MI.

According to the Antique Prints Blog chromolithography described a printing process that used several colors instead of a limited small number. "French Chromo." probably was a salute to "French style" chromolithographs, which looked like watercolors.

Roses were a favorite flower of Galleries namesake Earl J. Arnold and his first wife, Pansy Clow Arnold.

Believe it or not, these two were pioneers of modern apple harvesting methods. See

"prepared by Jay Smith & Son"

417 Court St. , Saginaw *

*Saginaw County Directories 1893

Dusinberre pianos are quite rare and valuable.

"My Lady's garden" was given out by Woolson Spice Co.

to promote their "Lion Coffee" brand

The imaginary garden, courtesy of Lion Coffee.

Lion Coffee (Woolson Spice Company, Toledo OH) presents you with a bouquet for your window.

Kind regards & best wishes from Lion Coffee!

Lion Coffee's water garden with lilies.

A celebration of spring!

Could be these lilies smelled like roses!

Flowers at the "sign of the big foot!"