May 2018

Thank you

Thank you for your approval of an increase Physical Plant & Equipment Levy (PPEL). We look forward to the annual updates to our transportation fleet.

Details of a Property Tax Rate

While the challenges around school funding continue in the state of Iowa, the Alburnett Board of Education has been able to continue to achieve the financial health targets established several years ago. The tax rate approved by the board for next year is $13.78 down from $14.83 this year and at a rate lower than before citizens approve the general obligation bond in 2007.

There are many factors that go toward the calculation of the budget and arriving at a tax asking. As a constituent, it is always reassuring to know that there are clear rules that guide the receiving of and using of funds in schools. The “buckets” graphic is a helpful representation of how this works. The $13.78 property tax rate set for next year supports the “buckets” as follows:

General Fund: $10.03

Management Fund: $0.74

PPEL – Board Approved: $0.33

PPEL – Voter Approved: $1.12

Debt Service - $1.55

This property tax rate of $13.78 will generate $2,787,331, which is approximately one-third of the district’s anticipated operating budget across all funds.

Purple on Purpose

I love educating children in a PK-12 building. It is one of the many value-added elements available to families that choose to enroll at Alburnett. We know that families choose public schools based upon a school’s ability to provide a strong academic experience, but we also know that families seek an educational experience that is rich with social and emotional development opportunities. And we know that many families are looking for connections with other families that start from their children’s school experiences and blend out into the larger community. A school community is not only about a strong staff and system. It is also about the network we create with families along the way. Thank you for being Purple on Purpose.

Dani Trimble