August 2019

Welcome Back!

Back-to-school is such an exciting time. While we all may have a little longing for just a few more summer days, the return to routine is often a welcome change for families. Students are excited to see friends again and school staff is excited to be back in session again.

Staffing Changes

Alburnett proudly welcomes the following employees to the staff this year:

Hannah Davidson - Special Education Teacher

Kate Edwards – Art Teacher

Ryan Gebel – Middle School Math Teacher

Gordon Hackett – Middle School Science Teacher

Gale Seevell - Route Driver

Maggie Smith – High School Language Arts Teacher

Suzanne Smith – High School Math Teacher

Ashley Shultz - Special Education Teacher

Kimberly Ventura – Middle School Special Education Teacher

Jackie Wittenburg - Food Service

Nick Wooldrik – Activities Director / PE Teacher

Portrait of a Graduate

The school board has set the goal that all graduates of Alburnett be college, career, and life ready. Therefore, throughout the 2018-2019 school year, a community and school based team developed a recommended definition for what it means to be “College – Career – Life Ready,” otherwise known as our Portrait of a Graduate. In June, the school board received the final recommendation which is included in this newsletter.

From this Portrait, school staff will work together to create detail for each grade level. You can expect to see this in back-to-school family visits and throughout the school year. We encourage you to use the words in this graphic or the more detailed versions you will continue to see as you visit with your children.

School Election

Thank you to all who participated in the Special Election on June 25. The election was an important opportunity for our school community to provide feedback on the proposed facility project. While not enough to achieve the 60% approval needed, a majority of voters approved both questions on the ballot. We look forward to working with our school board and community to seek additional feedback in the next few months. If the will of the community is to do so, a Special Election can be called again for March 3, 2020.

Community Night

Community Night will continue to be held from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month. If you wish to suggest an informational topic, or even help us lead a session, please contact us.

Purple on Purpose ~ Go Pirates!

Dani Trimble