October 2017

Goals to Guide our Work Together

Each year our school board establishes annual goals to provide us with direction as we work toward the two long-term goals of the district. These two broad goals are:

1. Strategically position the Alburnett District for long-term viability through management of district finances, sustaining and growing enrollment, continuously studying academic programming, and providing quality facilities.

2. Increase student proficiency in reading, math, science, social studies, and 21st Century Skills

To support Goal #1, our board approved targets will be:

1. Utilize a long-range, five-year projection tool to forecast district finances and guide decision-making.

2. Celebrate the district’s rich history, current reality, and future vision through varied communication avenues.

3. With sustaining and growing enrollment in mind, gain an understanding of why families choose to have students attend Alburnett and why they might choose to leave Alburnett.

4. Because the board recognizes the importance of individual students success, continuously nurture an “all means all” mindset that develops and sustains academic excellence and innovative programming throughout all curriculum areas and grade levels.

5. Update the long-range, five years and beyond, facility maintenance and renovation plan to reflect priorities for building, grounds, and transportation.

6. Maintain and continuously update communication methods with the greater Alburnett community.

To support Goal #2, the Alburnett staff has written content specific goals. If you are interested in seeing these more detailed goals, please do not hesitate to contact any school administrator.

Go Pirates!

Dani Trimble