December 2019

Alburnett Bond Feedback

In June, the Alburnett Community Schools asked residents to vote on a bond to fund improvements to our facilities. Though a majority of residents voted in favor of the bond, the 54.7% approval rate did not meet the 60% threshold required by the state to move forward.

Following the vote, we -- both district leadership and school board -- have spent the last six months considering our next steps. What we’ve concluded is this: we can’t move forward without knowing more from you. Just as we wanted to include the community’s feedback in the planning process leading up to the last vote, we now want to better understand some things about this summer’s election.

As a district, we know we are growing and changing. Growth comes from more students and more programs. Change comes in the form of evolving student needs and teaching methods. Both growth and change in our people and programs adds up to a lack of space. This we know.

We also know:

  • A majority of voters approved the bond at the June 25 election.
  • Voter approval did not reach the required 60% super majority needed to pass the bond.
  • Many areas of the current building need updates either due to age or current educational best-practices.

But, we have some questions.

We want to know:

  • If you did not vote on June 25, why not?
  • If you did vote on June 25, why did you vote?
  • If you supported the bond, what factors influenced your vote?
  • If you did not support the bond, what factors influenced your vote?
  • Of all the components of the facilities plan, which factors did not affect your vote?
  • Are there facility concerns you may have that were not addressed as part of the bond vote?

We would truly appreciate your answers to questions on this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to help us plan for the future of Alburnett Community Schools. The online survey will close on December 6.