April 2019

A Winter to Remember

First came the cold, then came the snow, then winter activities and rescheduling. We traveled to Des Moines to watch state wrestling qualifiers, we attended events, speech students competed, FFA members participated, Coffeehouse was a success. And yes, our boys state basketball team made history. Wow! What a winter! We have also tested our flexibility and our grit to press on with all things education.

Which is why today we send out an enormous thank you to our staff, students, families, and community for adapting, supporting, and staying engaged in the wonderful work of educating children as a community. And don’t let up now. We have got so much more to come: track, music contests, soccer, golf, softball, baseball and on and on.

Flyer App – also know as the Alburnett App

We are branching out with our use of the Flyer App. You can now select to receive messages that are more targeted to specific groups. You can expect to continue to see general messages just as you are, but we want to continue to push all school related communication through the app. This will include messages from coaches about schedule changes, program specific announcements, or messages specific to one bus route or another. The messages are available to anyone who selects to see messages for a group, so this includes parents and students.

Adding a group is very simple once you have the app.

To get the Alburnett App:

  • Search the App Store or Play Store for Flyer School
  • Open Flyer App and click PLUS (+) sign and search for Alburnett
  • Choose Alburnett Secondary School, Alburnett Elementary School, or both and click Add

To add groups:

  • Open one of the schools and choose the people icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose Update Groups and select the group you would like and select Update
  • Group messages will show in the banner on your phone

Reminder of the 2019-2020 Budget Preparation Process

It is not too late to learn more about the financial status of the Alburnett district. While the formal presentation to the School Board is past, individual or small group updates can be scheduled by calling 319-842-2266 or emailing dtrimble@alburnettcsd.org to set up a time. Or consider attending the Public Hearing on April 8 at 6:00 p.m.

Dani Trimble