At Winton, we work tirelessly to ensure your children are safe.

As designated safeguarding lead I work in a team of 4 qualified staff bringing together an extensive range of experience. Working with the Headteacher and over 50 dedicated and trained staff we never rest in supporting the needs of the young people.

For parents, we run a range of sessions to support how you can help keep your children safe. These can be found on the school calendar. Working alongside a range of agencies our work not only supports your children but families and the community that we serve.

We have well developed systems for student transition and work with our partner primary schools. We live in challenging times but can assure you that this work to help education your children is always in our thinking.

If you or anyone in our community has a concern please email:

On the pages in this section you will find our safeguarding ‘Nutshells’, which will help you understand what we do and how we do it.

If you have any concerns at all please do contact us.

Iain Parsons – Designated Safeguarding Lead