Entrances and Security


Children are not allowed to enter school through the car park.

Car parks are dangerous places for children to be. It is this reason that AET, the academy sponsors, have decided that the main entrances into the school are

  • the gate from the path on Dulverton Grove
  • the gates opposite the shops
  • the visitor entrance gate (mid way down the car park with zebra crossing)

Children in EY and KS1 (Nursery, Reception and Yrs 1 and 2) will need to enter through the gates opposite the shops.

Children in KS2 (Yrs 3,4,5,6) will enter school either by the gate from the path which leads directly onto the KS2 playground or the red gate opposite the shops that leads to the school field. Those children who enter by the gate opposite the shops, walk along the path bordering the school field, down the steps and follow the pathway around the rear of school to reach their entrance. It must be noted that no adults will be permitted to accompany pupils on this route. Please be reminded that you must not walk over school grounds (ie the school field or paths that run behind the buildings) as a short-cut from KS1/EYFS to or from KS2. We need to know who is on site at all times and if you do this we cannot take account of everybody.

Children attending Breakfast Club should enter the site through the gate from the path on Dulverton Grove. A member of staff will meet them there. Please be prompt at 8:15am.

No child should be on the school premises before 8:40am unless they are in Breakfast Club.

Due to safeguarding procedures any adult who has not been signed in to the school office should not be on the school grounds unattended. All adults will be challenged.