"My son Zephaniah enjoys being in reception a lot! He looks forward to going to school every morning, because the teachers are dedicated, helpful, patient, and kind. In addition to this they make a lot of effort to create positive relationships with the children. This has helped Zephaniah develop a lot of confidence at home and at school. He is enthusiastic about school and the classrooms are learner friendly. Thank you Mrs Blades for being a fantastic teacher. " Reception parent, March 2020

"Aleyah has loved being in reception she has made lots of new friends and her confidence in her reading and writing has come on so much! She loves spending time with Miss Watson. Aleyah can't wait to get back to school as she is missing everyone ." Reception parent, March 2020

“You wouldn’t believe how amazing the school looks inside when you just drive past it.” Reception parent, March 2020

“Millie has loved coming to school in reception and in nursery. She loves all the different things that she and the other children do inside the classroom. I am proud of how far she has come and love all the work she has done and the pictures she brings home. The teachers have been good to us both. Whenever I ask about anything they have helped me. Thank you Mrs Blades and Miss Watson.” Reception parent, March 2020

“Ben's had a really good time in reception. This is the first school where he's walked in and been completely settled. He's taken to the class and Miss Watson straight away which has massively improved his confidence around education and learning.” Reception parent, March 2020

“Noel loves his reception class! He loves reading and getting a new book every week. He also loves spending time in the water, sand and outside area. Noel has made lots of friends and enjoys playing with all the children. His teachers are helping him to improve his social skills.” Reception parent, March 2020

"Henley has come so far since being in reception, Miss Watson has helped us so much and without that help we wouldn't have got through this year. Henley struggles a lot but he's never made to do anything, they say 'he will do it when he's ready' and he has now learnt to write his name! x Thank you Miss Watson, (The staff always have smiles on their faces too and welcome every child in each morning!) x" Reception parent, March 2020

"Maddison was really nervous to start reception - very shy at first - but now Maddison loves going to school every day to her teacher who she has an amazing bond with and her friends. She has come on in leaps and bounds!" Reception parent, March 2020

"Adam is very pleased and happy to go to school. He has made great progress in counting and reading I am very proud and happy of him!" Reception parent, March 2020

"I am glad that during this difficult period we were given the opportunity to try home schooling in such a fun way. I am happy that I can spend such a productive day with my children. I would never come up with something like that by myself. We will try to improve every day. Thank you very much. "

Year 1 parent, March 2020