Handwriting at Our Academy

As a school, we are focusing on developing the children's handwriting. We teach cursive script right from the outset with pupils learning to 'whoosh' (lead-in stroke) and 'flick' (lead-out stroke). Cursive handwriting is modelled by all members of staff throughout school.

Activities begin in Nursery and Reception to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills to support handwriting. These include:

  • Finger gym that is changed weekly
  • Malleable area with a range of resources to challenge. Eg. Small cutting tools etc
  • Range of writing materials on the areas.
  • Mouse skills in ICT area.
  • Differentiated construction area (Lego)
  • Outdoor and movement play area

The children work through four stages for handwriting:

  • Sitting letters correctly on the line
  • Using the correct shape and size for their letters

The letters are taught in the following order:


Teach the letter formation including the entry stroke (whoosh) and the flick


1 Joining letters from the Curly caterpillar letters

2 Joining letters from Ladder letters

3 Joining letters from One armed robot letters

4 Joining letters from Zigzag monster letters

  • Ensuring specific letters are formed correctly
  • Using cursive joins

When the children can join their letters correctly, they are awarded their “Pen Licence” which means they are able to write in pen rather than in pencil.

Please ask your child's teacher for more information on handwriting.