Relationship and Behaviour Management Policy

A positive approach to relationship management:

An effective relationship and behaviour management policy is one that seeks to support and lead children towards high self-esteem and self-discipline. This occurs when positive and good relationships are formed and high expectations of good behaviour are clearly set.

We believe that self-esteem affects all thinking and behaviour and impacts on learning and achievement. We aim to shine a light on, and address, issues to enable and support children and families to build good self-esteem and demonstrate positive behaviour. We aim to provide positive everyday experiences that enable our children to reach their full potential.

We aim to make CPA a happy and successful place of learning for all within it.

Core beliefs:

Behaviour relates to both conduct and attitudes to learning and life

Behaviour can change and every child can be successful

Relationships and mutual respect are crucial in supporting children and families to thrive

An acute awareness of every individual’s needs and circumstances helps us to support in a way that is tailored specifically to them

Teaching children to ‘Stop, Feel, Think, Act’ is central to our approach

A consistent approach to modelling behaviour is an effective way to teach children how to behave

Positivity is fundamental to changing behaviour


We act with kindness and respect,

We move calmly, safely and sensibly

We listen carefully

We try our best

We are a supportive, helpful team


Every Wednesday, to promote respect, one class will win Rory the ROAR trophy to keep for a week. Rory is a lovable lion who can only be earned by Respecting Our Academy Rules and treating everybody with respect.


We start each day at Cottingley as a whole team. We usually meet in the hall with our smiley faces to sing, reflect, celebrate and start each day with a positive vibe although at the moment, due to COVID-19, our assemblies are held virtually.

In 2020-21 we will be starting the Votes For Schools programme to help us further develop our communication skills and broaden our knowledge and understanding of current events and key issues. We will discuss the weekly question in assemblies and at the end of the week we will vote to see how we feel and be able to compare our responses to those of pupils from across the country.