SCHOLAR provides high quality interactive, online material at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level for over thirty SQA courses.

High Quality Online Courses

We offer over thirty online courses for Scottish schools aligned to the SQA curriculum at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level. Our high quality courses are built upon the knowledge and experience of teachers working in Scottish schools and our authors share their wealth of experience as educators.

The wide range of subjects provides routes into careers in science, engineering, business, design and languages. It has been found that higher intensity usage of SCHOLAR correlates with higher attainment in exams.

How to access SCHOLAR

Enter and select Login to SCHOLAR.

All students registered to sit any SQA course listed above will have their own log on, consisting of a username (Scottish candidate number) and password.

Log-in details are available from subject teachers and Mr K Kenny DHT (SCHOLAR contact)

Blended Learning, Instant Feedback & Progress Reports

SCHOLAR supports independent study; students can use the materials to study anytime, anywhere, in school or at home. Courses can fit around school schedules, with short activities, clear goals and engaging content to encourage students to progress independently. The materials can also be used in the classroom to illustrate key learning points and online tests can be assigned as homework. SCHOLAR is a learning tool for students and teachers to use as required for their individual needs.

The materials contain a variety of activities, tests and quizzes that offer instant feedback. This allows students to practice and build confidence as they work their way through the learning materials.

Students and teachers can use SCHOLAR’s reports to track progress through the online materials. In addition, scores achieved in our online tests are recorded and students can use these to review their performance. Teachers can also monitor students’ test results using the reporting system which helps them guide the way their students learn and develop.

Revision Planner

An online revision planner is provided for students which can help them prepare for their exams. Students can add links to relevant sections of the SCHOLAR learning materials. They can also add their own personalised reminders.

Independent evaluation of SCHOLAR has shown that pupils who use SCHOLAR most often do better in their SQA exams.

The courses currently covered by SCHOLAR are:

National 5: English, ESOL, French, Gaelic, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing Science and Mathematics.

Higher: Accounting, Art and Design (Textile option only) Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Computing Science, Economics, English, ESOL, French, Gaelic, German, Human Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Spanish.

Advanced Higher: Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Computing Science, Economics, English, French, German, Mathematics, Physics, and Spanish.

Parental Access

Visit our website to view the Try SCHOLAR section showcasing the range of subjects we offer.

To request a parent password with access to all courses or for further enquiries contact us at Please include your son or daughters name, class and name of the school.

SCHOLAR on the go

Students can access SCHOLAR anywhere there is an internet connection. To make full use of SCHOLAR on phones or tablets, download the free Puffin Academy web browser from the Android Play. Puffin Academy will load any Adobe Flash content which would otherwise not appear properly in most mobile browsers.All pupils studying H/AH Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, French, German, Gaelic, ESOL, Business Management, Computing Science, Psychology & Art & Design (and those studying N5 French, German, Mandarin, ESOL and Maths) should have a username and password (available from your class teacher or Mr Kenny).

This is an excellent resource the school have registered for you to use, through which your teachers can track your progress. We encourage you to make use of this resource at home and in school.

Subjects currently being offered by SCHOLAR are:

How to access SCHOLAR

How to use SCHOLAR