Interhouse Championship

Who will win the Interhouse championship at Hazlehead Academy?

At Hazlehead Academy, every pupil is allocated a "house" group that they are part of. These house groups are constructed across all year groups and build up pupil identity and team spirit when competing against the other houses in an annual championship. There are multiple events and opportunities for pupils to represent their house and activities covering both sporting and non-sporting opportunities. Bruce, Craigievar, Dunecht, Greyfriars and Marischal are the names of the houses and there is always friendly competition between staff and pupil when the championships take place. 

A schedule of events and the latest scores will be posted below.

Interhouse Total Scores

Interhouse Calendar

Interhouse Calendar 2023-24
Interhouse Scores 2023-24

Board Games

Tug o' War


Spelling Bee 

Interhouse Final March 2020

Interhouse Final March  2020

Interhouse Final March 2020


Interhouse Final March 2020