Parent Council

Being part of the Parent Council at Hazlehead Academy provides a fantastic opportunity to have a voice in the running of the school and to find out about all aspects of school life without a significant time commitment.

Making a difference

Some of the many recent Parent Council activities:

  • Participating in the process of seeking a new set of Values for Hazlehead Academy.

  • Contributing to discussion on achievement at Hazlehead Academy.

  • Meeting regularly during the course of the year.

  • Provide panel members for interviewing senior staff.

Joining the Parent Council

Being a Parent Council member benefits both the school and parents. The school gets parental input and feedback. The parents find out information on how their child is taught, how the school operates and how it deals with all aspects of school life. Parents also get to know the school management team & staff. Joining the Parent Council has a minimal time commitment. We meet 6 times during the academic session with meetings usually lasting no more than an hour.

Contacting the Parent Council

Should you wish to join the Parent Council, or wish to discuss any aspect of the school’s operation, please get in touch. There are a number of ways to get in touch with the Parent Council:

Email us on:

Parent Council Meetings - Schedule

The Parent Council meets monthly. Provisional dates for the 2022/2023 academic year are below.

The venue and time will be confirmed 2 weeks before each meeting.

Term 1 - Tuesday 6th September and Wednesday 5th October

Term 2 - Thursday 17th November and Tuesday 13th December

Term 3 - Wednesday 25th January, Thursday 23rd February and Tuesday 21st March

Term 4 - Wednesday 3rd May, Thursday 1st June and Tuesday 27th June

PC Agenda 06_09_22.pdf

Parent Council Meetings (Minutes)