Welcome to HAZER

HAZER is a chatbot that has been developed between Hazlehead Academy and one of our business partners. HAZER was created as a tool to allow pupils to self-evaluate their CATAPULTS skill set, record evidence of them demonstrating their skills in practice and also allowing them to identify opportunities where they could develop their skill set further.

Pupils are able to access HAZER on their personal device, free of charge, at any time and they can measure their skill progression over a period of time because all of their data that is input is saved for them to re-visit at a later date.

HAZER is a software application used to facilitate online discussion between a pupil and the computer as if it was a real person. Pupils are able to communicate via text, pictures and video to build up a portfolio of their skill set over time.

At any point, pupils can extract that data to see their evidence bank or can gain a graphical image of their CATAPULTS skills.

Pupils, scan this image to start using Hazer

HAZER in action

Graphical overview of CATAPULTS skills