This page includes all the useful steps to take when starting at Ashley Road School. The form attached in the 'Required Information' section below must be completed in full for each child before they start school.

Please complete the form below for each child you are enrolling in school. (click on the button to open it full screen)


Please complete all items on this Google Form to provide us with important information to support school enrolment.

This will include

  • Consent to register your child to use use of digital devices and online tools such as Sumdog, Junior Librarian and First News.

  • Pupil/family agreement to follow the terms of the Acceptable Users Policy when using digital devices in school.

  • Emergency contact information.

  • Local visits consent

  • Information on any dietary requirements/allergies.

  • Aberdeen City Knife Aware Policy

Children use their 'Accord Card' in the morning to place an order for one of the meals that are available that day. The meal options are displayed on the class whiteboard, with a picture, to help the children choose which meal they would like. On admission to the school you will be asked to let us know of any ingredients, which your child cannot eat for medical, dietary or religious reasons. This information is entered into the catering system, and children are not shown any meal options which contain ingredients they cannot eat.

Topping up your Accord Card couldn't be easier, just ask your parents/guardian to top up online. This method is safe, secure and convenient and means that you no longer need to take money to school. Primary school meals cost £2.20 and you can top up online.

Children may to bring a packed lunch with them to school if they wish. They should not include items such as nuts, or whole grapes to ensure the safety of all our pupils. Children also have the option of going home for lunch.

Primary School Meals Menu Winter 2019.pdf

Free School Meals

Did you know that you could qualify for free school meals? You may be entitled to free school meals if you or your parents/guardian receives one or more of the following:

  • Income Support (IS)

  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA)

  • Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance

  • Child Tax Credit (CTC) but not working Tax Credit and your parents/guardians income is less than £16,105

  • Both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit and your parents/guardians income is under £6,420

  • Asylum Seeker support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Seeker Act 1999

Ashley-Road-School-Uniform-Order-Form1-2 (1).pdf
Ashley-Road-PE-Kit-Order-Form-master-2015 (1).pdf

We expect pupils to be neatly dressed at all times. There is a school uniform and we actively encourage pupils to wear it. Good quality red sweatshirts, printed with the school logo, and white polo shirts similarly printed, can be obtained at reasonable cost from the school. We also sell school fleeces, woollen hats and waterproof jackets. The PTA sell these in school on the first Monday of each month (at 2.45 pm). If you need to order at other times, you can put your order form into school and the PTA will process your order and put the items to your child’s class.

We have chosen a simple uniform that is readily available at any main store, apart from items with the school badge:

  • Red jumper or cardigan

  • White polo shirt or shirt

  • Grey pinafore/red and white checked dress

  • Black or grey trousers, shorts or skirt

  • Smart black or grey shoes

Gym kit, consisting of black gym shorts , white T-shirt and gym shoes, is required for P.E.

We use Xpressions to send out information at a school level. This will include important dates for upcoming events, newsletters, links to set up parent appointments. It is an essential means of communication, so please ensure you get set up as soon as possible.

To find out more go to:

Download the App:

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:


What is Xpressions, what are Xpressions?

Xpressions is a service, providing parents with an app to receive messages from the school.

The app is available on iOS and Android, with plans to bring it to a web browser soon.

How does the app work?

The app receives messages, called Xpressions, sent from the school. They are similar to WhatsApp or iMessage, being transmitted over the internet rather than SMS text messages. Thousands of schools are using Xpressions, swapping out SMS and saving money in the process of communicating with their parents.

How do I get set up?

When schools sign up to use Xpressions, they automatically create an account for each parent to log in. Rather than using a username and password system, Xpressions uses information that parents will always remember- their email address and mobile phone number.

While logged in, parents will receive a notification on their phone when a new Xpression has been sent to them from the school.


To support communication and sharing of learning at a class level we use the Seesaw app. This app enables teachers and children to work together to write posts to share updates, reminders and to celebrate class achievements by sharing text, photos or videos. The app includes a messaging system which parents may use from time to time if they need to get in touch with the class teacher, although we do ask that information on absence from school etc is passed via the school office as teachers may not receive messages through the school day when working with children.

To find out more about the SEESAW app go to:

To download the app , please select the appropriate device here:

iPad and iPhone

Android Devices


Kindle Fire

Computers with Chrome or Firefox


ARK is the out of school club operated within Ashley Road School. ARK is a charity set up in 2001 by parents of children attending the school. It operates a club for up to 40 children after school. The club is operated on a not for profit basis and is managed by a committee of parents. The ARK committee appoints a specialist childcare provider to run the club on a daily basis, the contract is held by Great Western Pre-School who have delivered this service since the launch of the club.

Great Western Pre-School

356-358 Great Western Road


AB10 6LX

Tel: 01224 311949


There are a range of extra curriculum activities available for Ashley Road pupils run by staff, parents, the Active Schools Team and even by children themselves. These include thing like:

  • French Lunchtime Club

  • Spanish Lunchtime Club

  • Netball

  • Football for various year groups

  • Hockey

  • Tennis

  • Art Club

  • Lego Club

  • Reading Club

To find out more about what is available for children in your year group, get in touch with the school office or our active schools coordinator.

For the Active Schools Website CLICK HERE

Co-ordinator – Nicole Gordon:


Interested in joining the Parent Council or Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

Parent Council - A Parent Council is a group of parents who represent all the parents at a school. Any parent with a child at the school can volunteer to become a member of the Parent Council. Parents can be members of the Parent Council for as long as they have a child at school.

Parent Councils can also choose to invite members of the local community and school staff to join their Parent Council. Elected Members can also be invited to attend meetings.

Almost all schools in Aberdeen have a Parent Council. Each school has set up their Parent Council in the way which suits them best with support from the head teacher and Aberdeen City Council. The Parent Council operates very flexibly and generally has a chair, vice-chair and treasurer who are chosen from the members.

PTA - Our PTA work together with school staff to run fundraising and community events for the benefit of the school community. Each year the PTA raise and donate valuable funds to the school which have enabled us to purchase IT equipment, invest in an extensive range of reading resources, and support extra curricular experiences and school visits. Their backing is invaluable, but each of their events relies on the support of parent body to make them a success.

If you are interested in finding out more of joining either committee, please let us know.

Parental Engagement Leaflet.pdf
Parent Council Information Leaflet.pdf
School Handbook 2019 20.pdf


If you wish to find out any more about the school, please have a look at the school handbook. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.