School Vision

At Ashley Road School we learn and achieve together in an environment promoting enjoyment, challenge, support, respect and co-operation between all children, staff, parents and the school community.

We reviewed our school values in 2019-20 with our pupils, staff, parents and community and decided that those which we wanted to be at the centre of everything we do at Ashley Road.

We came up with these words:

How we feel:

Curious, Aspiring and Resilient

How we think:

Kind, Respectful and Inclusive


Learn And Achieve Together

To provide a high quality, flexible learning environment that will challenge and support all our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

To equip our pupils with the skills, attitudes and enthusiasm for lifelong learning

Article 28: All children have a right to an education

Respect, Cooperate And Have Fun Together

To provide a nurturing, inclusive, safe environment.

To develop positive and responsible attitudes showing respect for each other, our school and the environment.

To encourage healthy, active lifestyle choices, promoting enjoyment, happiness and wellbeing

Article 29: Education should teach you to respect other people and the environment Article 31: All children have a right to relax and play

Communicate Participate And Lead Together

To provide opportunities for all to take part in decision making, planning and leading their own learning, the whole school’s learning and support learning throughout the local and global community

To develop, improve and adapt in line with local and national guidance as well as to the aspirations of our pupils, staff and parents through continual reflection, self-evaluation and communication.

Article 12: All children have a right to have a say in decisions that affect them

Nursery Values