Support for Learning

Supporting Learners In Literacy 

For pupils in P1 - 3, appropriate support will be given to ensure foundational sounds are secure to enable pupils to read, write and spell with more accuracy and independence.  For pupils in P4 - 7 we use the Fresh Start program, which is a progressive literacy intervention which involves children taking part in short, daily sessions as part of a small group, supported by a PSA. 

Fresh Start provides systematic and rigorous practice where students learn the 44 common sounds in the English Language and how to sound-blend words over a short period of time, alongside spelling, reading, writing, grammar, proofreading and punctuation. 

Pupils are assessed and then grouped according to their levels of reading ability. Teaching in these groups begins with recognition, practice and blending of sounds and graphemes, based on a set of module booklets.

Alongside this, modules are read with words they can sound-blend, so children achieve early success in reading. The more sounds that a pupil learns, the greater the range of texts they can read and the greater success they experience when spelling and writing. 

The 34 modules contain carefully composed stories and non-fiction texts. The texts are natural, amusing, and developed for upper stage primary pupils/secondary pupils. 

The program is developed to encourage pupils to make strong links between reading and writing, spelling and grammar. Pupil’s writing is developed step-by-step from simple sentences to guided compositions.

Targeted Needs