Each child belongs to a school ‘ house’. There are four houses – Seaton, Hazlehead, Duthie and Westburn which are named after parks around Aberdeen. Through the school ‘House’ system pupils are awarded points for a variety of reasons, points can be awarded for:

  • High standard of work

  • Sustained effort

  • Helpfulness

  • Consistent good behaviour

  • Continual improvement

  • Acts of kindness

At intervals throughout the year ‘house’ activities are organised where children have opportunities to work with other children from their house across the year groups. These events are often organised by the 'House Team' which consists of three P7 pupils from each house. The 'House Team' are elected in a vote each year.

See below a running total of the points eared by each house this year. This is updated fortnightly.

Duthie House


Hazlehead House


Seaton House


Westburn House