On starting nursery, each new family will meet with their child's designated 'Keyworker' for an induction meeting. During this meeting staff will share information regarding the nursery routines and will start to create a 'Personal Plan' for your child based on any information you share. Below are important aspects of nursery life you may wish to consider when starting at Ashley Road Nursery. The form attached in the 'Required Information' section below must be completed in full for each child before they are left in nursery.

Please complete the form below for each child you are enrolling in nursery. (click on the button to open it full screen)


Please complete all items on this Google Form to provide us with important information to support school enrolment.

This will include

  • Emergency contact information.

  • Local visits consent

  • Information on any dietary requirements/allergies.


When starting in nursery all children are assigned to a key group. The groups are all given a colour, Orange, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Each key group has a key worker who is the main designated contact for that child. Although all our staff take a keen role in supporting every child across our nursery setting, the key worker who is the main designated contact for that child/family. In some cases where staff work part time, there may be two key workers who work with one key group.

We use Xpressions to send out information at a school level. This will include important dates for upcoming events, newsletters, links to set up parent appointments. It is an essential means of communication, so please ensure you get set up as soon as possible.

To find out more go to:


Download the App:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.groupcall.emerge.parental

Apple App Store:



What is Xpressions, what are Xpressions?

Xpressions is a service, providing parents with an app to receive messages from the school.

The app is available on iOS and Android, with plans to bring it to a web browser soon.

How does the app work?

The app receives messages, called Xpressions, sent from the school. They are similar to WhatsApp or iMessage, being transmitted over the internet rather than SMS text messages. Thousands of schools are using Xpressions, swapping out SMS and saving money in the process of communicating with their parents.

How do I get set up?

When schools sign up to use Xpressions, they automatically create an account for each parent to log in. Rather than using a username and password system, Xpressions uses information that parents will always remember- their email address and mobile phone number.

While logged in, parents will receive a notification on their phone when a new Xpression has been sent to them from the school.


To support communication and sharing of learning at a class level we use the Seesaw app. This app enables nursery staff and children to work together to write posts to share updates, reminders and to celebrate each others achievements by sharing text, photos or videos. The app includes a messaging system which parents may use from time to time if they need to get in touch with their Keyworker, although we do ask that information on absence from school etc is passed via the school office as nursery staff may not receive messages through the school day when working with children.

To find out more about the SEESAW app go to:


To download the app , please select the appropriate device here:

iPad and iPhone

Android Devices


Kindle Fire

Computers with Chrome or Firefox


See school return plan for current approach.


See school return plan for current approach.


Interested in joining the Parent Council or PTA (Parent Teacher Association)?

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We run a 'stay and play' rota within the nursery to encourage parents to stay and play alongside their children. Parents may be able to share a skill, interest, do some baking with the children or even talk about their workplace while they are in session. Speak to a staff member to sign up!

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Parent Council Information Leaflet.pdf
Parental Engagement Leaflet.pdf


Interested in joining the Parent Council or PTA (Parent Teacher Association)?

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If you wish to find out any more about the nursery, please have a look at the handbook. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.