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ME-IT strongly promotes the use of ITS Desktop Backup service, CrashPlan. 

CrashPlan works on Windows, macOS, & Linux operating systems. 

Desktop backup solutions are used to automatically backup critical data stored on personal computers that aren't stored elsewhere. CrashPlan, the software powering the ITS Desktop Backup service, is designed to protect your data files, allowing you to restore your content to a newly configured or re-imaged computer in case of theft or a hard drive crash.

ME-IT will fund the $3/month charge for any faculty or staff. All labs are also eligible for paid accounts.

ME-IT can assist your entire lab with CrashPlan backups under a single account (depending on the amount of computers, multiple accounts may be necessary).

There are a few options:
Option 1: ME-IT will fund the backup account, and fully maintain the backup process, including monitoring & adding new computers. We would secure the user credentials, and users would need to contact ME-IT for any restores.
Option 2: ME-IT will fund the backup account, and you (or your designee) would fully maintain the backup process with ME-IT's assistance. We would share the user credentials with you, and you (or your designee) would be able to change backup options and manage restores. This single account would have access to all of the backed up data from all of the computers.