Here are some sample projects from previous years.

Most of these either won or received a medal at the Tournament of Technology.

Slenderman Movie


Mario Maker

Here is the EVENT DES​​CR​IPTI​​ON for the 2020 Video Blockbuster event.

Start by filling out the Video Blockbuster Planning Sheet.

Then start writing your script and planning your storyboard.

Planning and Storyboarding:



Storyboarding and Sample Camera Angles

Preparing to Film

Filming Basics

Video Editing Tutorials:

Part 1: Importing Clips

Part 2: Trimming and Cutting

Part 3: Adjusting the Audio

Part 4: Adding Narration

Part 5.1: Finding Music Part 5.2: Downloading Music

Part 5.3: Adding Music

Part 6: Adding Titles

Part 7: Adding Credits

Part 8: Transitions

Part 9: Publishing and Sharing


Now you should start practicing for your Live Challenge at the tournament. You will be writing editing a trailer for a 5 minute blockbuster similar to your own. Practice by watching trailers online to get ideas. Look for common themes/editing techniques. Then practice with some of the sample videos at the top of this page.