Block Bot Teams:

EVERYONE: Watch the BlockBots Video. Make your robot as compact as possible. You dont want it tipping over the blocks as you drive. Work on improving your stability so it doesnt tip over. MAKE SURE TO PUT THE BLOCKS AWAY AT THE END OF THE PERIOD.

Research online "How are robots used in the medical field?". Find at least 3 different websites and 3 different robots. For each robot, list 3 cool facts you learned about them.

Period 1:

NXT B Khu/Chee: DONE.

NXT D Boonthanvee/Issac: Last few things to work on:

3) The last two sentences of your RESEARCH section need to be re-written IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

4) Did you make any changes to your robot's controls to drive better on the course? Increase or decrease motor speeds or turning speeds? Did you customize any of the buttons to drive? Explain that in your testing section to for more points.

BlockBots Video

Using the NXT Remote Program

BlockBots Timer

Use this LOG SHEET to keep track of your score and times as you practice. Write down what modifications you do to improve your robot. You will need this information to fill out your Design Document.


Click HERE to see a sample Design Document for Robotics.

Use this TEMPLATE while you research how robots are being used in the Medical Field.

Here are 3 articles you could use for your research:

10 Medical Robots

Kinova Robot Arms

GE's Hospital Robot

Then write a 1 paragraph summary of how robots are being used in the medical field.

Next we need to take some pictures of your robot and get some measurements to add to your report. We will also need a screenshot of the NXT Remote program. Then you can write a short paragraph explaining how you use the remote program to control your robot. We will also need to start timing your robot on the course and list any changes you make to improve your robot.

Watch these videos to learn how to add screenshots to your Design Document:

Design Document Screenshots 1

Design Document Screenshots 2

Design Document Screenshots 3