Project #3: Minecraft Mini Game

Work with a team of 2 - 5 students to create a mini game to be played by the class.

Video Examples of Game Types:

1) Battle Arena

2) Parkour Course

3) Skywars Map

4) Spleef Arena

5) Your own idea

Your game must have:

An initial spawnpoint for starting the game

A new spawnpoint for after you die

An NPC to share info/run commands

A title somewhere in the game

At least 10 command blocks

A creative/detailed world design (how it looks)

Border Blocks to limit where players can go

Score System with /scoreboard commands

Lets start by learning some of the slash commands

Slash Command Video Slash Command World

Command Blocks (watch first!) Game Design World (click arrow to download)

2021 Student Games:

Period 1 Period 2

Period 3 Period 4

Period 5 Period 6

Project #2: Mission to Mars

Before you launch for Mars, you must do some research to plan your trip and decide what to bring. You may want to split these questions among your team to get your research done faster. Then work together on a slideshow to present your research to the class.

1) Research how to survive on mars.

2) Research how to build a base on mars.

3) Research how to build a SUSTAINABLE Colony on Mars.

Mission to Mars

Project #1: Virtual Sequoia

For this project you will design the inside of one of the classrooms at Sequoia, or build a lumberjack statue at the front of the school!

Project #4: Minecraft Movie!

Movie Tips:

Keep the camera still, have actors move

Just record SHORT clips 5-10 seconds!!

Change your SKIN for different costumes

Turn off music under settings then audio

Minecraft TOT Live Challenge Practice:

At the tournament your team will have to debug (find and fix problems) a game already created. You will only have 15 minutes to correct 3 errors and improve the game. You must work collaboratively (talk/share ideas). You should also plan a quick presentation to show what you did and how you did it.

Here are some sample games to start practicing:

Minecraft LC Practice 1

Minecraft LC Practice 2 Ocean Adventure

Minecraft LC Practice 3 Spleef

Minecraft LC Practice 4

Science Project: Minecraft Biomes and Hunger Games!

For this project you will need to work with a group of students to create setting for a hunger games arena. It should represent a real world biome such as Tropical Rainforest (jungle), Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Forest, Savanna, Desert or even Ocean. Use what you have learned in class to make it as realistic as possible.

Download this world file to start the project:

Hunger Games Biomes World File

Signing In to Minecraft

To sign in to Minecraft you will need your FUSD username and password

Username: _ _ _ _@fresnou.org

Password: same as the computer

Click HERE for a really helpful Crafting page with pictures of how to make TONS of cool stuff.