Minecraft Mini Game

Now we will play through the games from Class. Download each game from your period and play it for a few minutes. Then score each game with the Scoring Form at the right.

Period 1 Games Period 1 Scoring Form
Period 2 Games Period 2 Scoring Form
Period 3 Games Period 3 Scoring Form
Period 4 Games Period 4 Scoring Form
Period 5 Games Period 5 Scoring Form
Period 6 Games Period 6 Scoring Form

Lets start by learning some of the slash commands
Slash Command Video              Slash Command World
Command Blocks Video       Game Design World 

Use this world to start creating your own game in Minecraft:
Minecraft Game Project (click arrow to download)
Or use this Void World if you want an empty world.

Your game must have:
An initial spawnpoint for starting the game
A new spawnpoint for after you die
An NPC to share info/run commands
A title somewhere in the game
At least 10 command blocks
A creative/detailed world design (how it looks)
Border Blocks to limit where players can go
Score System with /scoreboard commands

Tutorial Videos
01 Slash Commands
02 Command Blocks
03 Command Chains
04 Border Blocks
05 Adding Checkpoints
06 NPCs: Making them Talk
07 NPCs: Running Commands
08 Adding Titles 

Scoreboard Videos
Scoreboard Basics
Find the Button
Parkour: Stages
Parkour: Lives
Battle: Last Survivor
Battle: Death Count
Teams: Part 1 Setup and Selecting
Teams: Part 2 Bed Wars

Minecraft EDU Block IDs

Minecraft Live Challenges:
Now we will practice remixing games that have already been made. For each game, find 3 things that need to be fixed/improved. Work together to make the game better. Then show each other what you did to make the game better.
Minecraft LC #1
Minecraft LC #2
Minecraft LC #3