3D Design Projects

3D House Project:
The next project will be to build YOUR house in sketchup.
Click HERE for step by step instructions.

You may want to split your screen by dragging the instructions to one side and Sketchup to the other side

3D Logos Project:
First you need to download the 3D Logos file to your computer. Use the Line Tool and the Arc Tool to trace at least 2 logos. Then use the Push/Pull Tool to make them 3D. Finally, use the Paint Tool to add colors!

Decide what you want your car to look like. You could model it after a sports car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, a classic car like a Mustang or a Charger, a racecar like a Formula 1 or NASCAR, or you could create something totally new. Add the word PROFILE and LINE DRAWING to your search to get good side views of the cars.

Start by downloading Car Lesson 1 to get started. Then double click on it to open SketchupPro.
Use the Scenes at the top in Sketchup. Be sure to read ALL the instructions.
If you want to bring in an image of a car, watch this video: Importing a Photo 

Watch Fender Tutorial Video
Watch Axle Hole Tutorial Video
Watch Redoing Fenders if you need to start over.

Watch Putting the Car Together after everything else is done.
If you need to go back, watch this video: Chopping a Car in Half

You may want to watch these videos to make your wheels more advanced and improve the speed of your car.

Wheel Video 1: Introduction
Wheel Video 2: Getting Started
Wheel Video 3: Spokes
Wheel Video 4: Center Hub
Wheel Video 5: Beveled Edges

3D Pumpkin Project:
The first project will be to carve a 3D Pumpkin.
Download the file to your computer first.

Then open the file with Sketchup to get started.