Photoshop Projects

Project 2: SuperHero Me!

What superhero ability would you like to have? Super Strength, Super Stretch, Super Speed, Weather Control, the ability to fly... For this project we will be using the green screen to take a picture of yourself in a super hero pose (think about what your ability will be). Then you will add special effects and a cool background to your image to show off your secret ability! 

If you dont want to take your own picture, you can use one of Mr. Fuge by clicking HERE.

Project Requirements:

Must have a background image

Must have a person (bonus points for your own picture!)

Must have at least one other object (flames, truck, lightning, plane, motion blur, dog...)

Must have a Title with at least 2 effects (bevel, drop shadow, glow, stroke...)

Tutorial Videos

Getting Started (skip to 1:00 in the video to see how to use a pic of Mr. Fuge or his son Landon)

Removing the Green Screen 

Bringing in Images

Adding a Background

Adding a Title

Removing the Green Edge

Super Speed Part 1         Flying Part 1

Super Speed Part 2         Flying Part 2

Project 1: Differences

Find a detailed image online. There should be lots of stuff going on. Make sure most of the image is in focus (not blury). Or use one of THESE PICS to save time.

Open it with Photoshop and edit it to have:

    At least 4 objects removed

    At least 3 objects with color changes

    At least 2 objects moved, rotated, or resized.

    At least 1 extra change for an A+

To submit your images to me...

1) Click on "LAYER" at the top and then "Flatten Image"

2) Click on "IMAGE" at the top and then "Resize" and then "Canvas Size"

3) Double the width. (If your image was 16 inches wide, change width to 32)

4) Zoom out all the way. Use the MOVE tool to move the edited pic to the left. At first it wont work, click OK, OK then try again.

5) OPEN your original picture

6) Press CTRL-A to select it all, then CTRL-C to copy it.

7) Go back to the big picture and paste (CTRL-V) the original pic with the edited pic

8) Click on "LAYER" at the top and then "Flatten Image"

9) Click on "FILE" at the top and then "Save As"

10)  Rename your file "FINAL Your Name", make sure the FORMAT is jpeg

11) Upload to your Google Drive and SHARE with Mr. Fuge.


Project 3: Chimera

For this project you will be combining 2 different animals to create a new creature. You will be using the skills you have learned with the last two projects. One of the most important parts is selecting the right images to start with, make sure the angles are right. 

Project Requirements:

Must have 2 different animals blended together

Use CTRL-U to adjust colors of both lmages

Must have a Name of your new creature with at least 2 effects (bevel, drop shadow, glow, stroke...)