Super Mario Game Design

Entering Scores:
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Download the 2023 Game Folder! Then COPY and PASTE it into the WORLDS folder in SMBX.
Period 1 Game
Period 2 Game
Period 3 Game
Period 4 Game
Period 5 Game
Period 6 Game

If you have moved seats or were not here when we made Mario levels, click HERE to download the entire smbx game folder. 

Watch these Videos First!
Installing SMBX
Playing SMBX

World 1: Grass (EASY LEVELS)
Character: Mario                Warps: Green                    Coins: Yellow
PowerUps: Mushroom        Switch: Green NO POW BLOCKS                Yoshi: Green                      Enemies: Green/Brown
Skills to Teach: Basic controls (run, jump, riding a yoshi, eating with yoshi, switch blocks) NO BIG GAPS IN GROUND!

World 2: Forest (EASY/MEDIUM LEVELS)Character: Mario/Luigi                Warps: Green                Coins: YellowPowerUps: Leaf                        Switch: Green
Yoshi: Green                             Enemies: Green/Brown (Place some in bubbles!)
Skills to Teach: Introduce Luigi, How to Fly with leaf, Spin jump kill enemies

World 3: Cave (EASY/MEDIUM LEVELS)Character: Mario/Toad                Warps: Purple                Coins: Red????PowerUps: Fire Flower               Switch: Red NO POW BLOCKSYoshi: Purple                             Enemies: Purple/RedSkills to Teach: Introduce Toad, Fast/Long Jump, Grabbing Shells/Throwing Shells, SHIFT to drop items

World 4: Desert (MEDIUM LEVELS)
Character: Mario/Link          Warps: Yellow                Coins: Yellow
PowerUps: Leaf                  Switch: Yellow
Yoshi: Yellow                      Enemies: Yellow            Add Quicksand in levels
Skills to Teach: Spin to break blocks with Leaf, Introduce Link, Special moves with Link, How to get out of quicksand!

World 5: Water (MEDIUM LEVELS)
Character: Mario                         Warps: Orange??            Coins: Red????
PowerUps: Hammer Suit             Switch: Red                    Green Time Stop Clock
Yoshi: NONE                              Enemies: Fish/Squid/Crabs...
Skills to Teach: Swim tricks, swim with shell/key, using Hammer Suit, how to use the stop clock

World 6: Snow (MEDIUM LEVELS)
Character: Mario                         Warps: Grey                 Coins: Blue
PowerUps: Ice Flower                 Switch: Blue                 Make ground blocks SLIPPERY!
Yoshi: Grey                                 Enemies: Blue              Put items in Ice Blocks
Skills to Teach: Using bombs to destroy blocks, Flying with Yoshi and Blue Shell

World 7: Air (HARD LEVELS)
Character: Mario/Princess             Warps: Blue                  Coins: Blue
PowerUps: Leaf/Tanooki Suit         Switch: Blue                 Use Platforms!!
Yoshi: Blue                                   Enemies: Blue              Use fences
Skills to Teach: How to climb fence, How to use air block, How to fly further with Princess

World 8: Lava (HARD LEVELS)
Character: Mario/ANY                   Warps: Red                  Coins: Red
PowerUps: Tanooki Suit                Switch: Red                 Use Platforms and fences over Lava!!
Yoshi: Red                                    Enemies: Red             
Skills to Teach: Turning to statue with Tanooki Suit, Spin jumping on fireballs

Team: Ghost Houses (MEDIUM/HARD LEVELS)
Character: Match your World                       Warps: Match your World                 Coins: Yellow
PowerUps: Match your World                      Switch: Match your World                Use Doors instead of Warptubes
Yoshi: Match your World                             Enemies: Ghosts!!                           ALL GHOST HOUSES NEED SECRET KEY!
Skills: Key exit (for World 1 Ghost House), POW blocks (for World 2 Ghost House), throwing shells up, high jump off yoshi, secret cheat codes!!!

Team: Castles (HARD LEVELS)
Character: Match your World                       Warps: Match your World                 Coins: Match your World
PowerUps: Match your World                      Switch: Match your World                Use Doors and Warptubes
Yoshi: Match your World                              Enemies: Match your World PLUS: Thwomp blocks, statues, fireball rings, spikes, lava...           
Skills: Defeating Bosses , secret cheat codes!!!

Grass World: SMB Hammer Thrower      Cave World: SMB2 Mouse         Forrest World: SMB2 Frog     Desert World: SMB3 Boss 1

Water World: SMB3 Boss 2                   Snow World: SMB2 Pink Dino    Air World: SMW Fire Boss     Lava World: Bowser

This week you will be scoring the levels you played last week. You must score at least 10 levels from the game (see list below for which worlds you need to play/score). You can score more than 10 for extra credit. If you still need to get to 35 stars, you may work on that as well. 

If you made a level in... Score levels in these worlds:
World 1 Grass you score Cave and Forest
World 2 Cave you score Forest and Desert
World 3 Forest you score Desert and Snow
World 4 Desert you score Snow and Sky
World 5 Snow you score Sky and Lava
World 6 Sky you score Lava and Grass
World 7 Lava you score Grass and Cave
Castles, Water, GhostHouses Pick any 2 Worlds to Score (your pick!)

Watch this video first to learn how to score the mario levels:

smbx scoring levels.mp4